The Black Pug: Everything you Need to Know

Would you like a Black Pug? Since I attended college and my then-boyfriend’s younger sister adopted a Pug named Pugsley, I’ve found the breed intriguing. These small dogs grab a person’s heart and don’t let go.

Known for their loving nature and adorable antics, they make great pets. The Pug I knew personally had fawn coloring, yet this breed of dog also exhibits a rare black color that only became rare due to breeders.

A black pug lying on its belly looking sideways on a white background
Black Pug

Are Black Pugs Rare?

That cute Black Pug you spot at the pet store or the animal shelter would not qualify as a rarity if not for breeder selection. If left to breed normally, more Pugs would carry the black fur, but somewhere along the line in history, the fawn color became preferred. That’s why you can easily find taupe-colored Pugs, yet black ones seems rare.

The Peaceful Pug, A Friend of Families for Centuries

This ancient toy breed of dog dates to China in 206 B.C. One of the first areas to domesticize dogs, the Chinese created the breed as a companion pet and lapdog for the elite. Emperors owned these dogs, who functioned as a status symbol, much as show poodles do today for socialites.

In the 1500s, Pugs began world domination when travel to China became more common. Originally, people outside of China thought a genetic defect caused the different color, but Britain’s Queen Victoria adopted a Black Pug, starting a trend. The color and breed became one of her favorites and the Queen adopted multiple Black Pugs.

These dogs get along great with adults and children. Friendly and attentive when awake, they make terrible guard dogs. The breed easily makes friends and enjoys affection. A Pug, whether fawn or black, will get along well with other animals with a little socialization.

Essential Care of a Black Pug Puppy

A laid-back breed, like cats, these dogs enjoy their sleep. Barrel-chested Pugs would sleep all day if allowed, waking only to eat. This can provide a challenge, since the dogs must exercise for at least 40 minutes per day to retain their health. They typically live for 12 to 15 years, so you’re committing to more than a decade of daily workouts. These little dogs need their walks divided into two 20-minute sessions per day.

A black pug puppy running outdoors
Black Pug Puppy

They also tend to beg for food. A full-grown Pug will frequently whine for whatever he or she sees humans eating. Avoid feeding the dogs scraps or human food though. They can easily develop weight issues that lead to serious health problems.

Typically, these dogs grow to a size of 12 to 14 inches in height and a weight of 13 to 30 pounds for male Pugs and 10 to 12 inches and a weight of 13 to 18 pounds for female Pugs.

While fawns typically grow a double-layered coat, Black Pugs typically grow a single-layer coat. Their coat should appear quite shiny and slick. If not, take the dog to the vet. Those with black fur shed less than others of this breed.

It may seem tempting to leave dog food out for these little Pugs while you’re at work or school, but don’t. They will eat every bite of it when they wake up. Your Pug will overeat any time it gets the chance, which means you must strictly control its food. This means feeding the dog small amounts of food about four times per day as a puppy, then three times as an adult.

What Will They Cost?

Unless you find a Black Pug at the local animal shelter or rescue, you’ll need to purchase it from a breeder. This means your dog will have papers, but that only matters if you want to show your dog. Typically, they cost more than fawn ones, so prepare to pay between $900 to $6,000 for your Black Pug.

What is the Rarest Color of Pug?

Black Pugs cost less than Silver Pugs, which run an even higher price, as do Apricot Pugs. Breeders must create those two fur colors by selective breeding, so they cost more due to the rarity.

Full Grown Black Pug

Puppies cost more than full-grown dogs. That means that you can save money by purchasing a full-grown Black Pug. Expect to pay on the lower end of the range for a fully grown one, between $500 to $900.

Variations of Black Pugs

Dog breeders created many single-breed and mixed-breed options for the Pug. Common color mixes of Pugs include the Black and White Pug, Black and Tan Pug, and Black and Silver pug. The already tiny Pug also comes in a Teacup Black Pug size. 

Mixed breed dogs also prove common. The three most frequently mixed breed creations include the:

  • black chihuahua pug mix (chug)
  • black pug beagle mix (puggle)
  • black pug lab mix (pugador)

Teacup Black Pug

A small black teacup pug looks into the camera with mouth open
Teacup Black Pug (Source: thehappypuppysite)

As a teacup breed, the Pug only reaches a maximum size of five pounds for a male and three pounds for a female. They reach about six inches in height. These dogs cost more than other Pugs, between $300 to $4,000. The teacup of the breed doesn’t live as long as regular-sized Pugs – about six to 10 years. 

Black and White Pug

Black and White Pug
Black and White Pug

Also called Panda Pugs, these adorable dogs feature a solid white body with black markings. Breeders created the Panda Pug, so this coloration does not occur in nature. A Black and White Pug signifies a mixed breed dog, either blended with a French Bulldog or Pekingese.

Black and Tan Pug

Black and Tan Pug
Black and Tan Pug (Source: kikko_thepug on IG)

While this dog breed typically features a cream main fur color with black markings, these dogs reverse the coloration. Black serves as the primary coat color, while the dog’s chest, legs, face, neck, and ears appear a dark cream or tan.

Black and Silver Pug

Black and Silver Pug
Silver Pug (Source: Pinterest)

Although rare, you can more easily find a silver fawn of this dog than a black and silver pug. This color scheme uses black as the main color with silver accents at the ears, neck, face, legs, and chest.

Chihuahua Pug Mix

Black Chihuahua Pug mix
Black Chug (Source: shaaaadoww on IG)

When breeders combine two breeds, they do so for a look. Mixing a Pug with a Chihuahua creates a Chug. The Chug doesn’t take on the personality of the Chihuahua. Breeding the two doesn’t suddenly turn the Pug into an independent dog that does well if you leave it at home alone all day. Chihuahuas rank in the top ten of dogs, with the perfect personality for those who work outside the home. Your Chug doesn’t get that personality, just the appearance of its smaller, skinnier parent.

Pug Beagle Mix

black puggle (Chihuahua Pug Mix)
Black Puggle (Source: Animal Corner)

Another common combination, the Beagle and the Pug, offers an adorable, attentive appearance. The pack-hunting Beagle doesn’t influence the Pug to suddenly go explore the world. Bred together, your Puggle will grow taller and dig well. It will exhibit larger paws and a soulful expression.

Pug Lab Mix

Black pug labrador mix with chain gold dog tag with road and sky background
Black Pugador (Source: Bubbly Pet)

Blending a Pug with a Labrador Retriever does not get you a hunting dog/guard dog with Pug features. At best, the Pugador will more willingly get off the couch twice per day to go do exercise. This mix does not make the Pug grow remarkably taller.

Coming Up with Black Pug Names

As you might imagine, Pug owners get creative with these cute little dogs’ names. Midnight, Raven, and Poe top a few lists. The Queen who popularized the breed throughout the world named her initial pug Bosco.

Space themes offer a common thread for Black Pug names. Star Wars fans favor Darth or Ewok, while Galaxy, Orion, and Star all work for generic space-related names. Any planet name works, with Pluto or Mars a strong contender.

Since Pugs always look like they’re up to something, the names Gadget, Rascal, or Stormy also fit. Many Pug owners name their dogs like people. Toby, Mindy, Lucy, and Chloe all make the top 200 list.

Other cute names for your furry friends include those related to its adorable facial expression. Goofball, Goofy, Funny Boy, Joker, and Mischief all work as names for these toy dogs.

Are You Ready for a Pug?

Hopefully, this answers your question of “Are Black Pugs rare?” They only became rare due to breeders selecting out the natural dominant color of fur. Now, you pay more for what the canine kingdom naturally bred for years.

You’ll need to commit to exercising this dog twice per day. This means walking the dog because just letting the dog outside will result in it laying down outdoors to take a nap. While Pugs will enjoy the time with you and play affectionately, they will not exercise themselves. You’ll need to leash the dog and work out with it. Essentially, buying a Pug equals buying an outdoor gym membership. Unless you hire a dog walker, you’ll get in two 20-minute walks or runs per day.