The Black Corgi: Everything You Need to Know

The black Corgi is a beautiful coat color to the Corgi breed. Corgis are cute, relatively small dogs that may surprise you with their quickness and athleticism. Some say they are big dogs in a small package, which has made them popular as herders of cattle. They are also great companion dogs and popular as house pets.

There are no purebred corgis with a full black coat. But there are many that are predominantly black, with white and tan markings.

black corgi

If you are looking for a pure black corgi, there are lovely mix-breeds that come in pure black. Pictured below is a lovely Corgi Labrador mix in all black coat.

all black corgi

There are two types of corgis. Both originated in Wales, and they look a lot alike, but they do not have the same ancestors, according to the American Kennel Club. Cardigan corgis come from the rough terrain of Cardiganshire in southwest Wales. The Pembrokes came from the flatlands of Pembrokeshire, which is more to the south.

The two kinds look a lot alike. Pembrokes have a much shorter, to almost nonexistent, tail, while Cardigans have longer tails. There are very slight differences in the shape of the head as well as some coloring. Cardigans can be larger at up to 38 pounds, while the Pembroke variety tops out at around 30 pounds. Animal experts believe the Cardigan came from Central Europe about 1200 b.c., while the Pembroke arrived via the Vikings about 1000 a.d.

Cardigan corgis have more variety of coloring, and that is where black corgis come from. Black and white corgis are also usually cardigans. While the Pembroke variety has fewer colors, they can be mostly white or black in some cases.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Coat Colors

The different colors of corgis are simply differences in coloring on their fur. In some cases, it changes as they grow up or age. As far as color goes, all corgis are still corgis.

Black Corgi

black corgi
A young, healthy, beautiful, brindle, black, tan and white Welsh Corgi Cardigan dog with a long tail walking on the grass happily. The Welsh Corgi has short legs, long body, big erect ears and is a herding breed.

A black corgi often has a predominantly black coat, with a lot of white markings. Their face will be primarily black as well but may have a white streak.  In some cases, they have a bit of tan flashing as well. They look like small border collies. There are two pigments that cause the coloration of corgis. Eumelanin produces black in the coat, as well as eye and nose color. Pheomelanin causes red shades in the coat. 

Black and White Corgi

black and white corgif
welsh corgi cardigan

The black and white corgi is of the Cardigan variety. The main difference between this and the black corgi is the level of white fur because even a black corgi has some white. At some point, they are at least somewhat equal, and at that point, they are called black and white corgis.  A black and white corgi will also have some other colors, but they will be very small and not always readily visible.

Black and Tan Corgi

black and tan corgi
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Running on a Dog Walk at an Agility Trial

The black and tan corgi is a standard coloring of one of the Pembroke Welsh corgis. This cogi will have black on his back and likely on his head, with major parts of the body covered with brown or tan color. There will also be some white markings on the legs, chest, neck, and sometimes the face.

Black Corgi Puppy

black corgi puppy

A black corgi puppy will be mostly black, and that will change as he develops. Other colorings will appear. The genetics are complicated, but in general, black and white dogs have black and white puppies, with some variation.  Corgis tend to change color as they grow, and it may be hard to tell what color they really are when they are born. It will change. 

Black and White Corgi Puppy

black corgi puppy
black corgi puppy

Corgis change colors somewhat after they are born, and before they become adult dogs. The black and white one is a good example. This one might appear all black, or almost all black when born. After some time, the white areas emerge and you find you have a black and white corgi puppy. An experienced breeder can determine what the coloring will be when they are fully grown in many cases. A red corgi, for instance, may be much darker in color at birth and will lose its black hair as it grows.

Black Lab Corgi Mix

Corgi Labrador mix

A lab and corgi mix is called a Corgidor, which has some of the best, and least, desirable traits in both breeds of dogs. Both tend to bark a lot, probably more than you want, and that is amplified when breaded together. Both are energetic, loving, and very friendly, and those positive qualities are amplified as well. Labs are more outgoing, and corgis tend to belong to just one person, and that can have some interesting results when combined. A black lab corgi mix will be a bit larger than the standard corgi, and smaller than the standard lab, and that is a good sized dog for a lot of people.

Black Corgi Chihuahua Mix

Black Corgi Chihuahua mix

A black corgi and Chihuahua mix will produce a small dog that will be high on energy. It is considered a “toy” size, and they are very small when puppies. They tend to bark a lot and have a lot of personality as well, and are fun to have around. They will be child friendly and affectionate to family members, but they are not necessarily friendly with strangers or other dogs, not members of the household. While they are energetic, they do not require lots of exercise and prefer to stay at home.  This could be a good choice for someone living in a small apartment.

Black Tri-color Corgi

black tricolor corgi
Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog

Tri-color corgis are relatively rare.  A tri-colored corgi is, as the name suggests, a corgi with three colors. Those three colors are normally black, tan or brown, and white. The predominant color of the head determines what the dog will be called, whether a black tri-colored corgi or a red tri-color corgi, for example. One that is predominantly black, along with two other colors, will be called a black tri-color corgi. You may think you have a black-colored tri, but see it change as the dog grows. They can develop more tan on their body or red. A tri-colored corgi that is red, may lose its black color over time.

What is the rarest corgi color?

sable corgi

Sable is the rarest of corgi colors. These can easily be misidentified as red corgis. Some have sable spots or what appear to be markings, but those fade to red as the dog grows, and are gone by the time they are an adult. It is nearly impossible to tell when they are very young, whether they will remain sable to turn red, which is the most popular corgi. Sable is a combination of black, brown, and red, and it can be of a dark or light texture.  Sable corgis may have different colored eyes, and some have a black spot between the eyes and muzzle. The red and white corgi is the most common color for this breed.

Other colorings that are rare:

  • Fawn has a light and dark shading with some white spots. It is often the most expensive corgi because it is rare.
  • The brindle has a brown base, with black or dark stripes. It is called a tiger coat.
  • Brindle and white, add more white to the mix.
  • Brindle, Merle, and white are also a rare combination with gray spots spread out.
  • Sable and white, and may have some red markings.
  • Sable, Merle, and white are called cinnamon in some circles because of the combination of colors.

How much does a black Corgi cost?

A black corgi puppy will cost between $400 and $1200, and if it has show dogs for parents, it will be even more. Black, white, and red corgis are the most common colorings and the price is similar.