Top 10 Best Dog Waste Disposal Systems – Indoor and Outdoor

Are you looking for ways to get rid of dog poop? We tested and reviewed the best products available to dispose of dog waste – both indoor and outdoor. In this article, you will find the 5 best in-ground dog waste disposal systems and 5 best above ground dog poop disposal systems.

Modern technology has found ways that can help safely and hygienically get rid of dog poop. First, we’ll tackle ways you can get rid of dog waste and what you should avoid and what solution works for your situation. Then, we will take a look at some of the best products you can get to help you deal with dog poop.

Disposing of Dog Poop – The Right Way

There are plenty of ways to go about getting rid of dog poop. The most common is with a plastic bag, but you can also flush it down the toilet or bury it deep enough in your garden. Whatever the process you aim for, you will need to focus on hygiene and the environment. This can be difficult to do if you decide to dispose of dog waste the traditional way.

Of course, you can always make use of commercially made dog waste disposal systems. Dog waste disposal systems allow you to remove dog poop without any mess and lessen the spread of germs, or bad smells. These systems are also environmentally-friendly. You wouldn’t have to worry about using any plastic bags that will end up in landfills. Plastic bags that will take more than a century to break down

As a matter of fact, one medium breed can produce as much as 500 pounds of waste per year. If you use plastic bags to dispose of each poop, that’ll be about 1000 bags per year. That’s 1000 plastic bags per year just for one dog. An efficient dog waste disposal system is enough to prevent that much plastic from going into our landfills.

Dog Waste Disposal Systems – How Do They Work?

If you have a yard an in-ground system maybe the best for you. In-ground dog waste disposal systems pretty much work like miniature septic tanks. They use water with bacteria and enzymes that break dog poop down into its basic components. The results are then drained into the ground over time. The soil itself will act as its own filtration system. As the water seeps through the soil, it will purified as it goes, so contaminating groundwater isn’t a problem.

Basic setup of an in-ground dog waste disposal system

To use one of these disposal systems, you need a hole in the ground to install the system. You will then need to fill it up with water, add the digesters and it’s more or less ready to go. You can then start disposing of your dog’s poop as you would normally. Of course, there’s no need to use plastic bags. A good poop scoop is all you’ll need.

If you do not have a yard – it will be best to stick with indoor or above ground solutions. In that case, skip the next section and check out the best above ground solutions.

In-Ground (Outdoor) Dog Waste Disposal System – Things to Consider Before Buying

Dog waste disposal systems can save the environment from tons of plastic bags per year. Yet, the quality of the soil you’re using it on will determine its effectiveness. Here are some of the factors you’ll need to consider:

Soil Clay Ratio

If the soil in question has a high clay content, then the dog poop disposal system won’t be able to drain properly. This means your dog’s poop will take a long time to break down. A good way to test your soil is by simply digging a hole into the ground and putting water in it.

Dig a hole that’s about a foot or 1.5 feet deep, then fill it up with at least 5 gallons of water. After two days, check the hole if it has drained on its own. If so, then the soil drainage should be able to support a waste disposal system.


Some digesters designed to break down dog waste tend to work faster in warmer climates. If you plan on putting up a waste disposal system in your backyard, try to make sure that it stays warm. You can also put it in a sheltered area. The higher the temperature, the more effective it will be.

The Dog’s Diet

If your dog has a high-protein diet or some other specialty diet, it might slow down the liquification process of the poop. To improve the effectiveness of the digesters, you may need to adjust what your dog is eating. Or, you can get a specialized digester to break down high-protein poop faster.

Chlorinated Water

Certain water disposal systems will need water to work. Chlorine in the water will slow down the breakdown process somewhat. To counteract this, use anti-chlorine. You can also leave the water under direct sunlight for a couple of days for the chlorine to dissipate on its own.

Top 5 In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal Systems for the Yard

You now have an idea of how dog waste disposal systems work. This information can help you when you’re looking into which product works best for you and your dog’s needs. We’ve listed 5 of the best in-ground dog waste disposal systems available in the market to help you out.

Doggy Dooley 3000 In Ground Pet Waste Disposal System


  • Good Capacity
  • Made of Galvanized Steel. Would Not Rust
  • Easy to Use
  • Hands-Free Usage


  • Does not do well in sandy or clay soils
  • You will need to refill water and digester every once in a while

The Doggy Dooley 3000 is a miniature septic tank designed to hold the poop capacity of around 2 large dogs, or at least 4 smaller ones. It’s also made from galvanized steel, making it an excellent tool that you can safely use for years to come. It will not rust or chip away with regular use over time, even during harsh conditions. It’s also fairly straightforward to install and use. Simply shovel in your dog’s poop, and you’re done.

The lid is made from strong plastic, and is foot-operated. This means there’s no need to touch anything with your hands, minimizing the spread of germs. It works well with most soil types, though not so well with sandy soil and soil with a lot of clay. For the septic tank to do its work, you will also need to refill it with water from time to time. You will also need digester to break down the waste efficiently.

Doggie Doo Drain Sewer Line Attachment


  • Easy to Install and Use
  • No Need for Digging
  • Goes Directly into the Sewer Line
  • No Need to Worry About Soil Quality


  • Not Very Durable
  • A bit expensive
  • Will fit nicely with 3 to 4-inch cleanout pipes, but will need adapters for larger pipes
  • May clog up if not kept clear

The Doggie Doo Drain attachment is a good alternative if the soil is not good for a septic tank type system. It lets you to get rid of dog’s waste by flushing them directly into your sewer line or septic tank via the cleanout pipe. You’ll need to find your sewer line’s cleanout pipe and simply screw the attachment on. You can now safely shovel poop into it.

It readily attaches into 3 or 4-inch pipes, but adapters are needed if you have bigger pipes on your property. After disposing dog poop into the cylinder, you’ll need to wash it down with a hose. This is because the system can clog up if debris isn’t washed up properly. This attachment is also an excellent way to dispose of dog poop if you don’t want to use composting or digesters.

Doggie Dooley Large Pyramid Dog Toilet


  • Large Capacity
  • Minimal Above Ground Presence
  • Foot Operated Lid
  • Durable Plastic Construction


  • Does Not Do Well with Heavy Clay
  • Requires a Supply of Water
  • Large Capacity Means You’ll Need to Dig a Bigger Hole
  • A bit Pricey

The Large Pyramid septic tank system, or the 3800X, is Doggie Dooley’s newest and largest model to date. It’s big enough for 2 large dogs or 4 smaller breeds without a problem. It is also made from strong plastic meant to survive most outdoor conditions. Unlike other septic tank systems, it works with sandy soil or moderate clay soils. It doesn’t work as well or as fast, but it still works. Heavy clay soils can still prove a challenge for this model. The Doggie Dooley Large Pyramid also has a foot operated lid. This allows for a hands-free operation that minimizes the spread of germs.

One downside for this particular model is that it will need a lot of space to work properly. This means you will need a much bigger hole to fit it in. It will also need a bit of assembly, though nothing too complicated involved.

Cove Products Dog Waste Management System


  • Compact
  • Foot Operated Lid for Hands-free Use
  • Minimal Assembly


  • Not Suitable for More than One Big Dog
  • Plastic Seems a bit Brittle

A full-size dog waste disposal unit can be a problem with small yards. A good alternative for such yards would be Cove Product’s Dog Kennel Septic Tank. It works much like the other inground septic tanks on this list, but at a smaller scale. Of course, it’s not suitable for more than one larfe breed due to its small size. But it should be perfect for one or two smaller breeds.

Also, like other septic tanks, it will need water and digesters to do its work. This product does come with its own enzymes, which should last you for a good while. It also wouldn’t fare well with high clay content in soil.

Biomaster Pet Waste Wizard BioBin


  • No Need to Dig Deep Holes
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Decent Capacity
  • Attracts Worms into Your Garden


  • Large Above-ground Presence
  • No Foot Operated Lid
  • Material Can Be a Bit Flimsy

Biomaster’s Pet Waste Wizard BioBin is a good choice for the more ecological conscious pet owners out there. It’s big enough to support 2 large dog breeds and can be placed into the ground as is. Requires no digging at all. Unfortunately, this means that it has a huge profile above ground. So, if you don’t want it be a bit of an eyesore, then you should place it somewhere less conspicuous. The system is easier to move. You can adjust its position on the fly depending on your current needs. This makes fertilizing different parts of the yard easier

It’s marketed as being made from 100% recycled materials and is also suitable for digesting cat waste. This bio bin is also designed to attract worms to your garden. The presence of worms help improve the general fertility of the area. Unlike most inground septic tanks, this one does not have a foot operated lid. You will have to open the lid by hand, so make sure you’re wearing work gloves when you do.

Top 5 Above Ground Dog Poop Disposal

Not everyone will have the space, or the type of soil quality required to use an inground dog waste disposal. There are still good alternatives for you though. You can invest in a good dog poop container or a dog poop trash can. These types of above ground dog waste disposal can still cut when disposing dog poop. You will use fewer but larger bags instead of using smaller bags for each individual poop. This can cut the amount of plastics going into landfills by a significant amount. Here are just a few good ones.

Pet Waste Co. 10 Gallon Outdoor Pet Waste Receptacle


  • Made from Aluminum, so is Rust Free
  • Mountable to any Square Post


  • Lid is Not Secure

Basically a large dog poop trash can, the Pet Waste Co. Pet Waste Receptacle is meant to be used with a bag liner. Because it’s made from commercial grade aluminum, it wouldn’t rust. This means the item should withstand most weather conditions. It can be placed on the ground on its own or mounted on a post. If you do choose to mount it somewhere, it comes with the required items for you to do so. Although the flanged lid can prevent insects from getting in, the lid will not lock. It can be left open if the bags inside are at full capacity.

Pet Genie Ultimate Pet Waste Odor Control Pail


  • Minimizes Odor
  • Lid Has Good Clamping System
  • Multiple Layer Refill Bags Allow for Easy Bag Changes


  • Low Capacity
  • Specific Bags Will Need to be Bought Separately

The Pet Genie dog poop container is a good solution to both indoor and outdoor dog poop problems. Its lid has a patented disposal system that lowers the risk of spillage and odor seeping through. Refilling the inner lining is also made easy. You can dispose of the previously used bag and refill the lining in one or two movements. Because of its size, it will need to be emptied regularly.

Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster For Dog Poop


  • Attachable to Your Car’s Tailgate
  • Magnetic Lid for Secure Storage


  • Small Capacity, Not Meant for Long-term Storage

If you love travelling with your dog, it can be a hassle when they decide to do their business in the middle of nowhere. Far from any doggy bins. The Kurgo Tailgate Dog Poop Container is a good solution for this problem. It lets you store your dog’s poop bags without actually keeping it inside your car. You can keep it outside the car until you find a proper dog poop trash can. Simply attach it to your car’s tailgate, and you’re good to go. No more worries of stinking up the interior of your car.

It’s made from commercial-grade silicone, so it’s not in any danger of breaking down in harsh conditions. It also has enough space to fit 1 to 2 full bags. Of course, since this is meant as a temporary storage. This means it won’t be able to take in a lot of waste. So, if your dog does its business more than a few times, you’ll have to store the dog poop elsewhere.

PawPail Pet Waste Station


  • Activated Carbon Filter Minimizes Odors and Chemicals from Coming Out
  • Comes with a Compartment for Dog Poop Bags
  • Can be Mounted
  • Very Durable


  • A bit Pricey
  • Mounting equipment sold separately

This is one of the best dog poop containers available. The PawPail Pet Waste Solution has plenty of features that can make waste disposal as hassle-free as possible. It has an activated carbon filter that not only minimizes odors. The filter also absorbs any harmful chemicals that can cause you or your family harm. It is hands-free, meaning you can dispose of your pet’s poop without actually touching it by hand.

It can be placed on the floor on its own, but can also be mounted. One downside is that the required items you’ll need to mount it is sold separately. It has a separate compartment to store its inner linings in. This makes the linings easily within reach. This is a good quality item, and the high price definitely shows it.

Doo Doo Tube Dog Waste Bag Holder


  • Portable
  • Can be Attached to Anywhere Using the Carabiner it Comes With
  • Enough Space for 2 to 4 filled Bags


  • Only Used for Temporary Storage

This one is more for allowing you to easily carry filled bags while you’re walking your dog. You won’t always find a dog poop trash can to throw your dog’s business in outside. So, you may have to carry your dog’s poop in a smelly plastic bag for the rest of your walk. With the Doo Doo Tube Waste Holder, you can keep them in a sealed container without having to worry about the smell. It includes a heavy-duty carabiner that will allow you to attach it to your leash, backpack or belt loop. Of course, it’s only meant as a temporary storage, so you will need to empty it at the earliest convenience.

Can Dog Poop go into Compost?

Instead of throwing your dog’s poop away, you can safely turn it into compost for your garden. You can add it to your compost bin and put in grass clippings or other organic waste, such as leftover food and sawdust. Still, dog poop is best used on ornamental plants rather than on your vegetable gardens. Also, dog poop is prone to carry a lot of bacteria and parasites. If you plan to do heat composting, make sure that the temperature gets hot enough.

Alternatively, you can also hire a composting company to do the work for you. If there are any available in your area, give them a call.

Can you Throw Dog Poop in the Garbage?

While it is possible to dispose of dog poop into a regular trash can, you have to secure it, and make sure it doesn’t leak. Seal up the bag as best you can so as not to let bacteria and any parasites to escape. Never leave dog poop with yard waste

Is Dog Waste Harmful to Humans or the Environment?

Dog poop in particular is no more harmful than any other poop. That is, if you dispose of it as hygienically and as securely as possible, then you have very little to worry about. That being said, dog poop can be problematic if not taken care of early. Dog poop may contain bacteria and parasites that can cause a person to vomit, get diarrhea and high fever. This is why it’s important to wash your hands after handling them. Wash your hands even if you didn’t directly touch it while disposing it.

Dog poop is also filled with certain chemicals that can be toxic to your lawn. They can cause burns and severe discoloration on the grass if left out for too long.


There is no one perfect way to dispose of dog poop, but there are plenty of good options out there for everyone. Some of these solutions, wherever applicable, can also be environmentally friendly. Of course, what really matters here is cleaning up after your dog.