Tom Hardy and Dogs Are a Match Made in Doggy Heaven

Did you know that Tom Hardy, one of Hollywood’s hottest stars today, is an unabashed dog-lover? Like you needed any more reason for us to fall in love with you, Tom! The Mad Max heart throb will surely be the first to agree that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. He would take his first dog Max, who he got when he was 17, with him to his drama classes. Tom wouldn’t even go to class if his buddy wasn’t allowed in! He recently posted a heart-breaking eulogy for Woodstock, a dog he rescued from a highway and quickly formed a deep bond with. Tom’s love for dogs is only eclipsed by his love for his son. This is plain to see in an Instagram account that’s devoted to nothing but photos of him with dogs. Here are some our favorite photos, let us know yours!

All photos were taken from tomhardyholdingdogs on Instagram.