40 Photos of Puppies Prove First Day at Work Doesn’t Have to Be Ruff

1. Military puppy gets a physical fitness test

Source: Animal Channel

Every new recruit needs to pass the Physical Fitness Test. This puppy passed but needs to lose a little weight. He says he’s not fat though, just a little husky.

2. Who wore it better?

Source: New Zealand Police

These New Zealand Police patrol dogs are proudly showing off their new harnesses. Good thing they made smaller sizes for the younger recruits.

3. Stop! You are under paw-rest

Source: Shareably

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you bark or chew can and will be held against you in a court of aww.

4. One size fits all

Source: Brimfield Police Department

Here is Brimfield Police Department’s newest rookie. He’s trying on the standard issue bullet proof vest. Or is that a robopup armor?

5. Muttropolitan service doggo

Source: Reddit

This floof ball is learning how to keep everyone safe at the train station. Let’s hope he also learns how to make sure the train is never late.

6. Being cute is tiring work

Source: Luther Church Charities

It’s only morning at the Newtown High School and this cute comfort dog is already pooped and down fur the count. Even therapy dogs need to be com-fur-ted too.

7. Military training can be ruff

Source: Animal Channel

The first day of Military Working Dog training can be a little ruff. But don’t worry, this little puppy just needs a snuggle and a pupsicle and he’ll be okay.

8. Designated Driver

Source: chiyoatyourservice

This adorable Shiba Inu is learning how to drive in the barking lot. Good thing it’s not a stick.
Is he training to be a a valet service dog or a driving guide dog?

9. Scooby in the City

Source: West Midlands Police

Scooby is an eleven-week old police pupper! Here he is visiting the city of Coventry. This bright-eyed pup is training to be an operational police dog for the West Midlands Police.

10. Once a pupper, always a pupper

Source: Greater Manchester Police

It’s Mo’s first day of K9 training at Greater Manchester Police and he’s already mastered his first lesson: the blep.

11. Reporting fur duty, sir!

Source: Reddit

Xxcaliber may have a floppy ear but he’s no flop when it comes to his Military Working Dog training. He’s being trained by the USAF, he’ll be one of the best.

12. Teacher’s pet

Source: Reddit

This cutie is the smartest pupper in his class. Once he finishes service dog training, one of his many duties is helping you with your homework.

13. Detective pups in training

Source: West Midlands Police

These new police puppies are starting their training young at West Midlands Police. They’ll be solving crimes like Sherlock Bones in no time.

14. Paw-sitive for cuteness

Source: Stanislaus County Guide Dog Puppies

Lab reports just came in and this tiny doggo tested paw-sitive for cuteness. This pup is being raised and trained by the Stanislaus County Guide Dog Puppies group.

15. H*ckin cute pupper in training

Source: West Midlands Police

This police dog in training from West Midlands Police is only 7 weeks old. She’ll need to wait many more weeks to grow into that helmet.

16. The nose knows

Source: Amphibology29

Stop hounding me! I had a ruff fur-st day training to be a detection doggo at the Newport News Police Department.

17. Stop in the name of the lawww

Source: xTYBGx

This cute little pupper is learning to protect and serve. When he’s big and strong, he’ll be fur-ocious in taking crime down a pug or two.

18. There’s a new sher-ruff in town

Source: Rawtashk

Meet Sacramento County Sher-ruff Department’s newest furball. He’s eager to start serving but he’s still too small to get in the car.

19. Thank you fur your service

Source: Warrior Canine Connection

This is Jack, one of the newest members at the Warrior Canine Connection. He will be a therapy doggo for helping veterans. It’s im-paws-ible not to fall in love.

20. Service puppy currently out of service

Source: Imgur

Sleeping on the job is usually frowned upon, but they made an exception fur this pup because he did so well on his fur-st day.

21. You have the right to remain cute

Source: Grocken

Crime rate is way down thanks to the new sher-ruff in town. I guess you can say crime has been cur-tail-ed.

22. All dressed and raring to go

Source: jordanjade22

Once this little fuzzball is fully trained, he’ll be one of the best service doggos in LAX. He’s already doing a h*ckin good job.

23. Aerodynamic ears

Source: Australian department of Defence

Meet Rhino of the Royal Australian Air Force. With ears like those, he was destined for the Air Force. They help him fly faster than the jet behind him.

24. H*kcin heavy harness

Source: Animal Channel

This is Teddy. Teddy is just checking the sky for rain clouds so he can tell his hooman if they need to bring an umbrella. What a good pup.

25. Proud to serve

Source: Animal Channel

Meet the Finnish police force’s newest ball of fur. He can’t wait to get big and strong so he can help people.

26. Having a ruff day, buddy?

Source: Reddit

This tired boy just needs a short nap while snuggling with his teddy lamb and he’s golden. He’ll be pup and about again in a few minutes.

27. Guiding his way into your heart

Source: Animal Channel

His harness is too big for him so for now he’s using it as his blankie. It keeps him warm while he warms everyone’s hearts.

28. Fur-st doggy day out

Source: killa_k

This little pup and his class went on a field trip to the Turkey Hill ice cream factory. Good thing he only melted hearts and not all the ice cream.

29. Hairy Paw-ter in training

Source: ana_k_ten_brink_

This little hairy doggo is learning how to manage every service doggo’s worst style nightmare:
harness hair. He looks h*ckin good!

30. Fits like a glove

Source: Boston Police Department

Meet Tuco, the Boston Police Department’s newest rookie. Here he is trying on a K-9 Unit vest. It doesn’t quite fit him yet, he’s more like a K-3, K-4 tops.

31. Down fur the count

Source: chazel

Shhh, keep quiet. Please don’t inte-ruff-t his nap. He’s had a long and ruff first day at service dog training.

32. He’s herd every dog pun there is

Source: zig3d.com

This adorable Blue Heeler pupperino is being trained to herd cattle in a farm. You can alreay tell he’ll be a h*ckin good boy.

33. The pit boss

Source: John O’Nolan

This is Herbie. Who wouldn’t come to work everyday if they had a boss like him? Now go get him his coffee and a cream cheese beagle.

34. Awaiting orders, sir!

Source: Baaz

This good doggo is showing off his best trait: being doggedly focused on the job. He is im-paws-ible to distract.

35. They were born for this

Source: Life With Dogs

Service dogs are best trained from an early age. These puppers weren’t just born for the job, they were born on the job.

36. Dachshund through the snow

Source: DarynKagan.com

Here is Jake’s first day on the job as a ski patrol trainee at the Vail Ski Resort. It was his first time in the snow. He had a h*ckin good time!

37. Doggo gives back

Source: CAREingPaws

Happy Katie was rescued from a bad environment as a puppy. Now she’s helping others as a therapy dog by getting belly rubs and falling asleep on people’s laps.

38. Showing her the ropes

Source: PIT Airport

“Stop hounding us and let us get back to work” said Lucie, the Frenchie. This was her first day at the busy Pittsburgh International Airport. Good thing Juno was there to help her.

39. Where are the Harry Paw-ter books?

Source: Musing

Meet Eleanor Roosevelt Philpott. It’s her first day as a junior store-hound at
this bookstore. Her favorite novel is Jurassic Bark.

40. Therapy doggo is ready to therapize

Source: bestfunnypic.com

This h*ckin good doggo is trying to ignore the puparazzi so he can concentrate on his job as a therapy dog.