New Ways to Bond With My Dog Every Month Through BarkBox

Have you heard of BarkBox? It’s a monthly subscription box designed for dogs and dog parents.  I was not sure if BarkBox was right for me – so I decided to try it out. 

BarkBox provides me and my dog, Allie, a perfectly curated variety of toys and treats. They are items I don’t normally see or notice at our local pet supply shop which makes it feel like I’ve gotten myself a really fancy personal shopper. Everything we’ve received so far are of unbelievable quality. And we get all of that for much less than I would have spent finding gifts and treats for Allie every month.

In short, me and Allie have a blast every time the box arrives – opening it together and playing with what’s inside and it gives us an awesome bonding experience. And I didn’t have to break the bank to do it. 

The BarkBox Toys

Every BarkBox package I’ve received so far has included at least 2 toys, mostly plushies. These plushies are made specifically for dogs and so have different shapes, textures, and sometimes sounds that are really meant to stimulate them. The best part is that each box features a theme. Now I know that Allie doesn’t really understand the themes but I definitely do and that really enhances how we play and bond over these toys.

So far, our favorite toys have come from The Knights of the Hound Table box (all the boxes have funny and quirky names). It featured three different toys: Sherwyn the Dragon, Squirrel Lancelot, and Ye Olde Ball & Chain. The dragon is my favorite because it’s so cute and it’s constructed so well. Allie, though, likes the ball & chain because it combines a squeaky, spiky ball with a plush handle, and a soft rope.

Here are some of the toys we got from the variety of themed boxes:

The BarkBox Treats

BarkBox guarantees that all treats they provide through their subscription boxes are all natural, wheat-free, soy-free, corn-free, and made in the USA. In the past, I struggled to find treats that were affordable but of good quality and not just made of junk ingredients.

BarkBox has made sure that we have a continuous supply of good treats at home. Even better, we’ve been able to try a whole range of healthy goodies. It’s been incredibly fun to observe how my dog responds to each kind and learn more about what flavors and textures she likes and what she would go absolutely nuts for.

Of all the bags of treats we’ve received so far, the Central Pork Pizza is one that has become a staple in our home. We received it with the New York City box and have loved it ever since. Because they’re small, soft, and crumbly, I use them as training treats and Allie responds to them very well. They’re also small enough to fit in most treat-dispensing toys.

The BarkBox Chews

I keep a constant supply of chews for those times when I really want to let Allie know that she’s done a good job or when I simply want to give her a special treat. Through BarkBox, we’ve been able to try a wide variety of chewy treats and Allie has loved each and every one of them.

The Chicky Twizzie is her favorite so far. I also love it because it allows her to enjoy a special treat while also helping to clean her teeth. They also don’t have the fake meat aroma that most commercial chews have.

Did We Love It?

While we’ve had our favorites, we’ve never been disappointed with a box. Each one that comes give us new ways to bond.

Some things I liked about BarkBox:

  • Fun Toys: Amazing toys with fun-themes for dogs and dog-parents
  • Good Food: All natural treats and a great-variety
  • Premium chews
  • Incredible value: If I wanted to buy all the items separately at the pet store, it would probably cost around $50. But my BarkBox subscription is only $22 per month with free shipping
  • Flexible options: You can choose 1 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription plan – and it comes with BarkBox’s satisfaction guarantee (their customer service is great and super pleasant to work with) 
  • Doggie joy: Opening the box together is the ultimate fun activity with my dog

Me and Allie absolutely love opening the boxes together. We’re definitely a stronger pair because of BarkBox. I’d recommend it to every pet parent looking to provide the best gifts and treats for their dogs without breaking the bank.

Subscribing to BarkBox is easy. Just click here and answer the questions about your dog so that they can curate items that suit you best.